August 7, 2022

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Sally's abandoned Southern cottage in the United States – Unexpected discovery

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Somewhere in the middle of the Georgia countryside, there is a house that is barely still visible from the street.

Behind the foliage hides a sign of destruction. This wooden cottage is being swallowed up by mother nature.

This property was once the home of Sally and Henry, who had a daughter together. Today, the photos of them and their relatives only collect dust and slowly but surely fade in the light that shines in. Plant roots wriggle their way in while all their belongings seem left behind.

Around the turn of the millennium, Mr. Henry passed away and Mrs. Sally remained as a widower. She was a cat lover and lived in peace for a decade before eventually dying of heart problems.

What remained now is a place of serenity that has gone for an infinite sleep.
Enjoy another adventure in the USA as I will tour you through their former home and tell you their story.

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Abandoned USA Series Ep. 2: Sally’s Abandoned Southern Cottage in the United States – Unexpected Discovery
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