June 13, 2021


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The 40 Essential Drum Rudiments – Tier List

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Intro Cadence – “False Hype” by EMC
Background Cadence – “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
Download these beats here – youtu.be/Z4vNz3M2Suk

EMC Free Sheet Music Catalog – drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QiBKp_e8JyBjhZy1XuyKkOITxJgBVn0c?usp=sharing

Rudimental Tier List – tiermaker.com/create/40-essential-drum-rudiments-598248


49 thoughts on “The 40 Essential Drum Rudiments – Tier List

  1. Wow —- Double Paradiddle – You gave a C! — because people have resorted to only writing Paradiddle-diddles due to ease of break down. I happen to love writing double paradiddles and I often write them more commonly than paradiddle diddles because they are more versatile when utilizing left hand led phrasing and 3/4. I recommend moving that up. At least a B, bro. It may not be common — but it's definitely not C tier.

  2. The original NARD 26 rudiments were what drummers had been playing in the real world for over 150 years. And the sticking of these original rudiments was likely developed to keep the stick from striking the batter head at a glance while marching with slung drums. By the 1970s, DCI had evolved well beyond the original NARD 26, drums weren't swinging anymore, and we all just learned NARD rudiments because that was what drummers did. End of story. Then the PAS 40 simply kept the original 26 and added some stuff D&B lines had been doing for decades. Now, much of the cool DCI stuff from the 70s and 80s is obsolete, but the PAS 40 are still around – obsolete relics piled on top of obsolete relics with no historical context. In modern fife & drum, almost all the original 26 are still played and they make perfect sense! I don't know what we should do with the PAS 40 now, but pairing them down to 15-20 seems reasonable.

  3. Guess that I'll have to learn snare drumming ALL OVER again especially since my high school music teacher didn't teach me anything in his percussion class and was just very short with me and went back into his office and abandoned me when I asked questions.

  4. Do 16ths Swiss trips over a steady 4 on the floor. Put first flam on the "e" of 1. 2nd flam on 2, etc. Close your hihats on every other "and".
    Have fun!

  5. This is the best video I have seen to learn all of those rudiments. I agree also, I think of these as rhythms also and have hit most of them just playing through the years. I did learn all of them in band lessons too tho! Just play set more than big band so had to learn a lot of it myself n transfer the knowledge to the kit like they did in the 60s and 70s

  6. Also to be a good rock drummer you only need to know maybe 3 or 5 of the most simple ones lol, you can get away with only knowing a handful but if you learn them all you turn into Mitch Mitchell

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