May 11, 2021

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Ralph Pace Interview Excerpt Marching Arts Education Drum Corps International

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Even more great advice! What a fantastic conversation, full of great advice about design and “thinking outside the box.” Watch the entire hour-long conversation for free at
We have a great conversation with Ralph Pace, one of the most influential visual designers and instructors in drum corps history. Ralph influenced many future designers and worked with many corps including Blue Rock, 27th Lancers, Cavaliers, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment, Spirit of Atlanta, Madison Scouts, and Reading Buccaneers. Ralph was instrumental in bringing theatrical elements of Broadway show design into the drum corps activity, helping to introduce asymmetry to drill and non-traditional, non-military body movement. We discuss the variety in drum corps of the day, the importance of individual identity to corps, and how we can bring more of that to today’s drum corps experience.


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