June 13, 2021


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My Top DCI shows from 1990-1999 PT2-You have to watch to see which show I picked for 1991!

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This year was an amazing year for Drum corps. Outstanding shows, ground breaking drill and outstanding Horn Lines. This was my second 3rd year in Drum Corps and it was amazing to perform in the top 10 again this year. It was also awesome to see all of the shows LIVE and they didn’t disappoint.
The show I chose was an amazing production from first note to last. The colors, sound intensity and shear Drum Corpsness of it was to what made Drum Corps, Drum Corps.
I hope you enjoy my pick for 1991. Enjoy!

Leave your favorite shows in the comment below.
Special Thanks to the following resources for this video!!
Dr. K – Tech Specialist- www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9LtC1l0qWHZNaqIRn5OCQ
Music- “Cover” by Patrick Patrikios (Youtube Audio Library)
Quit Channel youtu.be/junkSvgYnaw
Green Screen www.youtube.com/user/canosergi
Audio Plus Library- bit.ly/Join-the-family_
Ending Music- Jungle Mood-Peyruis (Audio Library Release)

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7 thoughts on “My Top DCI shows from 1990-1999 PT2-You have to watch to see which show I picked for 1991!

  1. My understanding of the horn flying after the horns down was that it was the player's own horn. If he'd thrown a corps-owned horn he probably wouldn't've made it to the busses alive!

  2. Apparently only 3% of the population calls Classical Music their favorite kind of music. I wonder if they could see it in this context more often if that percentage would go up.

  3. I really enjoyed 1991 Freelancers. That was a fun show. I liked the spinning props the guard used. I think of that show every time I watch Back to the Future 3.

  4. I marched an A class corps back then and our tour mirrored some of the Open class tours, so I had a chance to see this show many times over the season. It never once grew dull to me.

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