June 12, 2021


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Cadets Lot Warm-Up June 28, 2018

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Thank you for watching! We took a day off of uploading exercises to post something a bit more entertaining and inspiring. DCI has been one of the biggest inspirations in our lives to push us to become better at drumming, and we thought we could try to share this inspiration with you. The Cadets has been a personal favorite of mine and Jordan’s so we thought we would have them be the first drumline we feature on our channel. The drumline is made up of people who are just like you. They make the same mistakes as you. They proved that if you work hard enough at something you love and enjoy, then you can pull off amazing things. If you have that mentality then nothing can stop you from doing what they do. Please, if you would like to check them out you can visit their organization at yea.org or you can learn more about DCI, corps to audition for, or shows in your area, please visit dci.org . This video was not sponsored or affiliated, we just would love to share any opportunities and inspiration that we can with the drumming community. Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoy the video. Please leave only supporting comments down below, and please don’t mind the bad angles and far distances. We did not want to invade their space too much, causing them to not have efficient warmups. Hopefully, we will get the opportunity to record with them in the future, and if we do we will definitely share it with everyone over here! Thank you!

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