June 13, 2021


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Bloopers EXTENDED Cut – Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps 2020

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Check out this EXTENDED cut of all the bloopers, drops, mishaps, and fails that had to happen before the final 2020 Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps show! The VDBC members worked extremely hard, but our video takes didn’t always go according to plan… 😅
This is the inaugural season for Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps. 2300+ pledged to be part of this production and help us bring it to life. VDBC is comprised of people from 11 countries. Want to be part of our next show? Sign up for for Virtual Marching Band at:


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9 thoughts on “Bloopers EXTENDED Cut – Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps 2020

  1. Fun fact: the video at 9:24 was recording take #26, which was probably my best recording of the feature until I messed up the last part. Recording take #59 ended up being the one I sent in for the show.

  2. Super bummed to hear the virtual indoor won't be happening due to low interest. My girlfriend and I (both aged out) were thinking about signing up, I hope not too many people were in the same boat.

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