June 13, 2021


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Wayne Oien preview 2012 DCA solo

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Coming back from my daughter’s appearance at MMA in St. Louis, MO, ( www.musicministryalive.com/aboutus/overviewandhistory.html )my two daughters, my wife and I paid a visit to my friend Wayne Oien in Ishpeming, Michigan. That was Tuesday, August 7, 2012 I believe. We got together for dinner at one of Wayne’s favorite Ishpeming spots and, among other things, Wayne told us about his close encounter with a moose that had almost cost him his life a few years earlier. Afterwards Wayne invited us over to his practice venue, Al Quaal Recreation Area, which, by the way, is the most breathtaking practice area I’ve ever seen, and we spent some time playing around on his Premier double-snare. During our session we were joined by two ladies who marched in the snare line with Wayne back in the late 60’s early 70’s in the Ishpeming Blue Notes. I was in the very early version of the Saginaires at the time and we would all compete annually at Michigan’s American Legion State convention usually held in Grand Rapids. It was common for between 10 and 20 Michigan corps, and a couple of Canadian friends with Michigan Legion sponsorship and members to compete for the Michigan American Legion State Drum & Bugle Corps championship. I think Blue Notes won every time I can remember. I think Wayne’s last year was 71 or 72. Anyway, while in the park Wayne treated us all to a preview of his 2012 snare solo. Wayne was NOT warmed up at all and was just beside himself because, as he explained during dinner, he ‘NEVER sees any drummers up here in Ishpeming!” and here he had an audience of three! By the way, in this case I think we can spell
“Awe-dience” a bit different!


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