February 25, 2024


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Virtual Masterclass Series – Snare Drum and Keyboards, Camille Bialas

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Percussion Masterclass with Camille Bialas, Percussionist, NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic. Created and Produced by Alixandra Porembski, Director of Percussion Studies and Music Theory, IPS Music School. Endorsed by IPS music school. © planning logic studio 2020. I do not own the rights to the media examples used, I am posting them for educational purposes under the Fair Use Clause.

Mr. Camille speaks in depth about the origins of both the snare drum and the keyboard percussion instruments. We talk about how a professional percussionist manages playing and performing on a large array of instruments and he discusses modern iterations of drum corps and marimba playing as well as the importance of metronome practice and his personal practice technique.

Accompanying playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzW3LZU2CccK1NxxNdZArB4IuY-9JyHv2

The Virtual Masterclass Series and its subset, The Percussive Arts Series, are Music Education Videos covering a variety of formal music topics, presented by professional players and educators. They are inspired by my own passion for the Classical music industry, my work in the field, and my music students ages 6-15. Considering the issues faced by our industry in the arenas of audience development, funding, and support for music education, the series is designed to appeal to all students, parents, and adults who would like an introduction to formal music study, particularly performance. I hope the project will also serve to inspire and inform professionals, educators, and students from all walks.

Without the zealous efforts of my volunteer Clinicians the project would not have been possible. I am humbled by their support and recognition of the value in producing the series. Upcoming videos feature Violin in cooperation with the Baltimore Symphony, Harp, Trombone, Latin Percussion, Marching Traditions, Auxiliary Percussion and Music Education.

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