February 25, 2024


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V Shivapriya & BR Somashekar Jois | Konnakol Duet | MadRasana Unplugged

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MadRasana Unplugged brings artist and the art form closer to the listeners of music. We begin Season 3 with the most traditional, classical & ancient vocal percussive art form of India; the mother of all percussive languages – Konnakkol.

In this video we present to you an exclusive ‘Konnakkol Duet’ by Vidwan B R Somashekar Jois and Kumari V Shivapriya. They will be reciting few exciting rhythmic phrases set to Mishrachaapu Tala followed by a special Mohara-Korvai composed by Vidwan B C Manjunath

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Artists – V Shivapriya and BR Somashekar Jois
Cinematography – Studio A
Mixing and Mastering – Ishit Kuberkar
Sound Design and Direction – Sean Roldan
Concept and Production – Mahesh Venkateswaran

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