June 16, 2024


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TWIN FRONTAL WEIGHT LIFT HD biker dude jail gym NICE LOCK FAIL HOT BREAK pretty mad behind steel bar

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Watch front,click the link below the player.The lyrics is a killer and is presented as subtitles.You have to click the CC closed captions symbol in the bottom of the flash player to enable text stripes.Art and tune made by LilNiceWolf Sweden Jan 13 2009.This is the Bob and Ken fitness show.They met in prison both being sentenced for minor crimes involving drugs, streaking and offence on public toilets.Life in prison was tough with guards beating mates for shaving wrong.The hair is done by a friend having a beauty, makeup and lip massage saloon.Disco and Glamour Rock is number one as you can hear from the beat in the soundtrack. By copying the moves in the video film you gain exercise with a sound life style.The music sync fail with too hard tension on muscle groups.The gymnastic training outfit are smoking hot being made of soft clothes for a sensitive body.Workout causes heavy sweat and showering is important not to smell bad.Take care and use gentle strokes when washing clean, otherwise the skin will bleed.The guys are barefooted with no shoes or boots not to hurt each other when lifting or pushing together.After being hit by a strong infection, Bob make sure he is painting his nails with natural antibiotic oil.The fellows are kept captured from freedom with the force of the law.The black haired has a mustache often seen on the dance floor during the 70s.It takes good manly male hormones the thick model.You may wonder why there are no girls, its because the shots are done in a correctional facility for male men.Support charity by buying stuff made by inmates,its the new fashion used by teens and young people of both gender.The warming up is too low in the building and it saves lives to keep the heat manually with friction.The animation was first thought to be done following the cut out method but was changed to rotoscoping which is drawing above movie frames.The handsome faces are made using a guide from familiar shapes.The song is composed with MIDI gear using reverb and chorus to enhance the sound.The video is recorded,edited and mixed in High Definition with Stereo Audio but you have to enable it,read the first line in this description.The rendering and encoding takes a huge amount of time and the resulting produced file is giant.The settings for resolution was 1280 and 720p with a frame rate of 24 fps even if the actual is just 12.Some errors are visible as bloopers are done by skipping from a webcam fail.It was hard to clean and many questions are left without answers.The lyrics should be shout out with switch between vocalist and back up singer.Bob is rough outside but gentle inside, he dont like to fight or compete in any competition.he is slightly retarded or dumb and has problems with difficult words.He loses his temper several times a week and have been arrested before.Inside the wall you need protection.If you drop the soap,you are an easy prey.The sport cell is popular.Its a hall or room with balls and utilities to keep fit.Ken was fat and ugly but that changed.The reason for being caught is comical.A weed deal was about to be closed but something got wrong.The parts were standing outside a bar when a third came.It was a under cover police man in disguise.He pretended to be a leader or big shot.The gang was persuaded to travel to a restaurant and enter the dining room.They ordered steak dinner with beer,wine,vodka and sweets.The policeman had a dog which was an expert of finding narcotics like crack or cocaine.He did it on command not to reveal his owner.All started to look dizzy after a couple of hours.An agreement was made to deliver the stuff in the bathroom or toilet.One had to watch for intruders or robbers.A lot of money was involved.A suitcase full of dollar bills chained to the wrist was presented.A laser pen with artificial intelligence circuits was used to detect genuine goods.Two gentlemen was reserves in the military forces and didnt trust the animal.Women was performing a ritual at the scene and the speakers was far too loud.I need a drink said the asian.We started to get bored and didnt suspect the final events.All right,take a break.Without a warning a school class of screaming teenagers ran in.The teachers was old and lost control.The crime was happening now.A bag of illegal cannabis filled chocolate candy marbles was handed over to the thin afro American gay.He checked it with his hands and nose.It smells like flower tea with coffee added.The sugar made the belly go sour.Im bitten!No,its a game we play at home.The doggie Buster isnt dangerous,dont be afraid.The ending chapter was when the pants was pulled to check for microphones or other spy,radio or recording gear.Just a mobile cell phone was found and put on the shell besides the mirror and the candle.Shut the entrance, Dick!A big bang followed by a car crash got us all hyper active and willing to escape.It was too late.Cuffed and humiliated all was driving to rescue.Barbie girlfriend send love.


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