February 29, 2024


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Tibetan Flute, Zen Meditation Music, Background for Meditation, Positive Motivating Energy

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✅ Get some positive motivation for your meditation practice or your daily life with this amazing tibetan music. These new age songs with nature sounds and tibetan instruments will bring your day the positive energy that you need. #PositiveMusic #TibetanMusic #ZenMeditation

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🎵 Discography:

⚛️ Meditation Relax Club is not only a free relaxing music provider on YouTube, but is also a world wide music label, mother of hundreds of top selling albums across countless nations, which can boast a proud catalog capable of satisfying the musical needs of the most avid and demanding New Age enthusiasts. We have a wide selection of songs for relaxation, deep meditation, yoga exercises, study and concentration, restful sleep and dreams, music to de-stress, healing music and much more. More Youtube channels have stemmed from the main one, discover our network now:

▶️ www.youtube.com/c/meditationrelaxclub/channels

Some of our best videos are for:

► Relaxation Music ◄
Relaxing is part of the experience of Meditation Relax Club, providing listeners and followers with amazing tracks for their ears and beautiful videos for their eyes. Within this instrumental music, heavily inspired by Enya and other new age music gurus, you will find soothing harp sounds, classical relaxing piano music, chilling flute melodies recorded with live nature sounds for all people who are looking for a moment of inner peace, far from stress and anxieties. Important in our production are the guided relaxation you can find on the channel, with soothing voices and ethereal music to guide you into a trance state of deep chill.

► Yoga Exercises Music and Pilates Relaxation ◄
Here at Meditation Relax Club we create yoga and pilates songs with the help of experts from these disciplines. Some tunes are conceived for yoga practice, pilates stretching, help the natural breathing and cool down exercises. Our music is optimized also for sun salutation practice and yoga nidra for sleep. This music is influenced by indian tunes, using asian instruments like bamboo indian flute, sitar and chinese music with guzheng and harp.

► Healing & Reiki ◄
Positive meditation music is available online on our channel to help you reach positive thinking and affirmation. Spiritual healing music and reiki meditation music are mixed with uplifting melodies and celestial sounds for mind balance and zen vibrations, to take you to a higher level of consciousness; chakra music is also very popular here on Meditation Relax Club, for mind-body balance, center your crystals and heal the broken chakras with deep meditation.


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