May 13, 2021

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Thirty after 30 – Episode 12: Santa Clara Vanguard Bass Drums, Part 2

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Thirty after 30

30+ years later, Brent, Cean (aka Cornbread), Bruce, and Jeff sit down in part 2 of their discussion with James and Michael to talk about one of “the most talked about” nights in drum corps history.

Reflecting on the season, all roads lead to Madison, Wisconsin for a memorable night of drum corps competition.

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9 thoughts on “Thirty after 30 – Episode 12: Santa Clara Vanguard Bass Drums, Part 2

  1. Sorry folks, we now notice that some did not use their proper names on Zoom, and we can't go back and edit that. We filmed on two different occasions, so their Zoom names change around in THIS video based on the footage used and whichever Zoom account they used at the time. However, here is some clarification we hope helps, as some have expressly asked about who's who, names, etc:

    Brent Jefferson – bass #1

    Cean Buter, aka Cornbread – bass #2

    Bruce Gill – bass #3

    Jeff Burkhead – bass #4

    Frank Castillo, aka Chico – bass #5 (MISSING FROM VIDEO – we could not locate him)

  2. Another great episode!! Loved hearing you guys speak about things and hearing your perspective as bass drummers. I had no idea that we beat BD in drums by .5, meaning they lost drums to Garfield by 1.0. That IS nuts! BD wasn't the best line in 87, but one pointed at finals? Ooooof! Man, I wish the three judges had agreed to be interviewed. Sadly, they chose not to but I would love to hear their thoughts now versus that night. Oh well, it's all good.

  3. might need a little post production work to fish out clarity in bad mic situations & create a mean volume level so you don't have to turn up & all of a sudden turn down the volume. & take care of basic static, pops & clicks. It would be pretty easy & there are free programs out there.

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