February 25, 2024


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The Chainsmokers – Closer: Trombone Loop

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The Chainsmokers! It’s not often I do two songs by the same artist on this channel, but it happened. What happened this week? I caught the series premiere of Clash of the Corps on FuseTV! For all you drum corps fans, you probably (almost definitely) already know about it, but for the rest of you, drum corps (Drum Corps International: DCI) is a music sport (maybe the only music sport?) that is marching band on steroids! It’s basically college age athletes who are also really good at their instruments [edit: brass/percussion/color guard only.] So now you’re all clued in, and there’s an awesome show that follows two of the all-time best drum corps’ for a season, the Garfield Cadets and Concord Blue Devils. The first episode is online now (FuseTV.) It’s well worth the watch :).

ALSO… If you were thinking about auditioning for a drum corps, now’s the time to decide for sure! I’m loosely (and soon hopefully not so loosely) connected to the Blue Devils, and they have a three-tiered team, so if you’re young and want to give it a shot, there’s Blue Devils C. If you’re super dedicated and in high school or just getting into it, there’s Blue Devils B… and if you’re in college/the best of the best… well what are you waiting for? 😉 Hope to see some of you out there next season!!


P.S. If any of you want to chat about DCI stuffs, tweet meh @classicalbone… If you tell me what shows you like I always get back to you with suggestions of other shows to check out that are similar!


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