June 12, 2021


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Spring training for DCI's 2018 judging community

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It’s spring training for Drum Corps International’s judging community too. DCI judge administrator John Phillips reports that judges from across the country gathered together in person and remotely via webcast on Saturday, June 16, for their annual training session.


9 thoughts on “Spring training for DCI's 2018 judging community

  1. So ridiculous. The music is of course tied to the visual. The visual, of course, tied to the music. (People in other performing arts think we are crazy for even talking about this). The caption "music analysis" is tied to the interpretation of the visuals. The caption "visual analysis" is of course tied to the interpretation of the music. What these judges should be focused on is teaching the marching members and judges the principles of design. What makes a good design?

    1) Cohesion
    2) Universality
    3) Uniqueness
    4) Emotion
    5) Authenticity

  2. I wish they would make this available for the public to watch. I’d love to see more about the guidelines that go into judging, and it would be a great resource for judges adjudicating all other marching music events around the globe. Not sure why they don’t just stream it live for anyone and everyone who’s interested.

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