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‘Special Force’ & Strategic Effect – Burma 1943-45

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‘Special Force’ & Strategic Effect – Burma 1943-45
With Robert Lyman
Part of Pacific Week on WW2TV

The Burma Campaign (1942-45) saw at least four deep operations. Each had different results and a different effect on the strategy (both Grand and Military) of the campaign. Only one is now remembered – Operation Thursday – the second Chindit expedition.

In today’s show Robert Lyman will look at the following operations:
Operation Thursday, Upper Burma, 1944
The Chin Hills (Lushai Brigade), 1944/5
Operation Character, Karen Hills, 1945
Kaladan Valley, Arakan, 1944/5

He will use these operations to think about how we understand strategy, and how we measure strategic effect.

A War of Empires: Japan, India, Burma & Britain: 1941-45 by Robert Lyman
UK uk.bookshop.org/a/5843/9781472847157
USA bookshop.org/a/21029/9781472847140

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