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Railmen 1991 Part One

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1991 Railmen
Cruisin’ for a Bluesin’ — Maynard Ferguson
Bill Trulove — Soprano, Dave Turman and Kevin Bride — Mello.
James Brown and Marty Rasmussen Baritone, Leland Jordon — Contra
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered — Linda Ronstadt
James Brown — Baritone, Dave Turman — Mello, Bill Trulove — Soprano
Festival De Ritmo — Dave Weckl
Bridge Over Troubled Water — Paul Simon
Dave Turman and Javier Marquez — Mello

Director: Shane Macklin
Drum Major: Bruce Godfrey
Brass Design: John Jorgenson
Batter Design: Keith Dudek
Frontline Design: Jim Heisinger
Guard Design: Tim Newlin
Drill Design:
Brass Instruction: Mike Sisco
Percussion Instruction: Keith Dudek, Jim Heisinger
Guard Instruction: Tim Newlin
Visual Instruction:

Brass: 29
Percussion: 21
Guard: 14

Competitive Show Schedule
June 18 Omaha, NE Drums Across Nebraska
June 20 Monmouth, IL
June 21 Whitewater, WI
June 23 Normal, IL
June 29 Cedar Rapids, IA Tournament of Drums
June 30 Rochester, MN
July 1 Alexandria, MN
July 2 Fairmont, MN
July 3 Austin, MN
July 5 Mankato, MN
July 20 Dekalb, IL DCM Championships
July 22 Omaha, NE Drums Across the Midlands
Aug 8 Marion, OH US Open
Aug 11 Tulsa, OK Music On The Move
Aug 12 Dallas, TX DCI World Championships


New Uniforms: Switched out the mustard jackets for red with white shields. Aussie hats traded in for Shakos with the dead chicken on top.

New Drum line!! Brushed gold finish Yamaha! Beautiful with the uniforms.

Sops in Cup Mutes, snares with brushes, frontline with a brush on a ride cymbal on the right hand with two mallets chording with the left.

The Love Shack — Need more be said?

Practicing in the Omaha heat

Lisa Nickisch turned into a Tympani Wonderchild. Girl got GAME!!

Playing on the corps for retreat for D II/III finals. We were lined up next to Southwind at finals and after they had announced them as D II champs our and we had saluted them we were called back to attention and we broke ranks and went and shook all of their hands congratulating them on their win.

Jeff Mundt’s two note solo in Bewitched that in singing run throughs would always be sang with his name, “Jeff — Mundt”

Beatrix Drum Corps Get together. This corps from Holland played Crusin’ also by the same arranger. We had altered our score so much that it was cool to see how each corps approached the tunes.

Uniquely designed, home made snare scoops.


If you listen in the sop solo in Crusin, I stuck the UP Motif in. Kickin it OLD SCHOOL! — BT

Railmen Mixed Ensemble at DCI I&E was a performance of Tower of Power’s “Squib Cakes” arranged by Jim Heisinger. Raise the ROOF!

The same thing happened to us in 91 at DCM. They start announcing the caption awards for D 2/3 we start taking everything, color guard, horns, even DM, it comes down to percussion and we are thinking we made a clean sweep of all captions when the announcer goes ” And the best percussion goes to….Pioneer” all of us in the battery were like. The next things we hear are “and in Second place with a score of 61.50….The Railmen” OMG the crowd just goes ballistic with boos I can’t find the right words to describe what it felt like on the field.

Coolest Drum Corps Show Ending Ever — (I realize I’m biased, but you gotta admit it was pretty darn COOL)

Rachel Tomlinson did the artwork for the Railmen bugle-train for the prop and also did the member shirts.

DCI Prelims we were soaked from the rain

Marching the hill and the second rehearsal site

Tim Newlin used to tell our rifles that he’d never “cheat” on a move where you hold the rifle at both ends and jump over it. Then at the Jolesch booth at DCI, some of the girls found an action shot of him in ’87 doing that exact move — but with one hand free of the rifle. They gave him such over it.. lol — LJ

Yeah, the whole corps had a great performance that morning, I still remember Jimmy G telling us to have fun. I remember playing a show in Oklahoma the night before hitting the road right after our performance, get in to Dallas at what 4:30 in the morning, the get up to do a show at 8:20am.

I couldn’t eat tuna sandwiches for at least 6 mo after that tour


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