October 4, 2023


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Railmen 1988 Part One

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The Fire and The Flame — Les Brown
Steve Moore – Baritone
Don’t Rain on My Parade — Funny Girl
Brian Dusek – Mello
Mira, Mira — Maynard Ferguson
I Have Dreamed — Richard Rodgers
Jeremy Lacy and Bill Trulove — Soprano, Brian Dusek – Mello
Director: Shane Macklin
Drum Major: Mike Smith
Brass Design: John Jorgenson
Batter Design: Terry DeJong
Frontline Design: Terry DeJong
Guard Design: Tim Newlin
Drill Design: Al Paulson
Brass Instruction: Steve Station, Dave Millar
Percussion Instruction: Terry DeJong, Monica Reed
Guard Instruction: Tim Newlin, Jennifer Silva
Visual Instruction: Al Paulson

Brass: 15
Percussion: 17
Guard: 9

Competitive Show Schedule
June 22 Atlantic, IA
June 24 Lincoln, NE Drums Across Nebraska
June 25 Hutchinson, KS
June 27 Oklahoma City, OK
July 1 Racine, WI
July 2 Rockford, IL
July 4 Vernon Hills, IL
Aug 10 Springfield, MO
Aug 15 Omaha, NE Drums Across the Midlands
Aug 16 Kansas City, MO DCI World Championships

HOT HOT HOT at finals. I think it was something like 100 degrees outside, then we’re on Astroturf wearing dark, wool uniforms. It was so hot there was no way to reconcile the tuning discrepancies between the brass and mallets. Everything was wacked cause of the heat, and it shows in the recording.

Get to know me!

Train Tours — 1988 was the last year the Railmen took a tour by train. The UP would provide sleeper cars, dining cars, lounge cars and storage. We would tour each year performing at stops along the way to our destination at the UP Frontier Day’s Celebration in Cheyenne, WY. It was a special treat you would find no where else in drum corps. What’s better than being in a drum corps named “The Railmen” getting dropped off for a show BY TRAIN courtesy your sponsor. It was perfect, and what memories.

How about the daily check of Mrs. Hinkledye’s upper arm to determine what color of kool-aid we’d be having at lunch. She was given a short wooden spoon to make 15 gallons or so of kool-aid. There was much rejoicing when the boosters finally went out and bought a small oar. Much better.

Euchre and Trivial Pursuit Tournaments in the lounge car on the train tour.

Tony Reed’s “Hold Your Fir” Shirt

Taco Salad always became spaghetti the next day.

A One Bus Drum Corps

Driving a car for the first time: Jeff Farber’s orange taxi in the parking lot of Central H.S. in Omaha -SS


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