February 25, 2024


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Q&A and Conversation with Kurt (Trumpet, Brass Instrument Playing, and more)

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First, while waiting for the livestream to begin, why not browse trumpetsizzle.com Q&A With Kurt Thompson’s 2nd ‘Live” (not pre-recorded) PODCAST VLOG (Trumpet, Brass Instrument Playing, and more)
00:00 Beginning and Introduction
11:41 Home Defense
22:18 SCREW
28:04 New Report: Door kicked in by home invasion
42:25 “1 and done ‘ers”
43:26 Sizzle*Jack
44:37 Band Director’s “pencil trick”
45:45 Balloon
47:38 Rim Buzzing
49:29 Warburton’s P.E.T.E.
55:39 Answering Comments Regarding Trumpet and Music
01:09:34 Kurt’s Favorite Trumpet Player
01:14:18 Kurt’s Favorite Lead Player
01:18:55 What do you think of Louis Dowdeswell
01:22:33 Reinhardt
01:27:25 Favorite Drum Corps
01:32:32 Did Arturo Sandoval never practice high notes?
01:44:49 Kurt Plays a Double C with no warm up
01:46:05 Trumpet Player Arrogance
01:48:57 When is your next Live Stream?
01:51:51 Good Bye!

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Last week’s livestream was ok, but man were there some connectivity glitches, right?
I believe I may have those fixed so there should be a very steady stream of HD video and audio this time around. (my 2nd time)

Gonna see what happens when I broadcast to youtube, facebook, and one of my better known facebook pages! If that goes well, may end up adding linkedin and twitter

This won’t be me playing, practicing, or doing a trumpet or brass playing tutorial. It will be a true, live interactive session with me to talk about BRASS playing and other important life issues.




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Break Down of my 2nd live stream:

1. Questions about Trumpet and Brass Playing

2. Questions about Politics or Religion. I may not have all the answers or even the right answers all the time that is for sure, but I will give you my take on how I use LOGIC (not emotion or news media propaganda) to arrive at my opinions.
For example: I love Thomas Sowell and wish I had more time to invest in his books. He is one of the greatest minds of our time. If you haven’t heard of him, we can talk about him and others.

3. Home Defense, Self Defense and Victim Mentality. Did you know most people are walking around as potential victims each and ever day, but don’t even know it? Part of that stems from being optimistic and extremely positive about life. Yes, it is good to have that attitude, but you should throw in some “realist” attitude to keep yourself and others safe and prepared.
Victim mentality is very simple: You don’t get a burglar alarm until AFTER you have been robbed! You don’t get interested in Martial Arts until AFTER you have been beat up or assaulted. A woman doesn’t consider guns or firearm safety classes until AFTER she has been sexually assaulted.

4. Exercise and Health. What are some ways I have screwed up in the past and what are some things I currently do to be my best self.

5. Travel including potential good places for Expats or people considering leaving the U.S.A. to another, more affordable country.


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