June 16, 2024


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Powerful MacBook Pro in DRUMCORPS album "this time"

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This live-edit video by markus/martin duo for a track from the upcoming aaron spectre/drumcorps album. it was shown at the ars-electronica this year where our friend drumcorps was honored for his music work!

the footage was shot at several shows in Jepunese and in Hungary.

This is my headbanging shit where i lost my head…enjoy
*beware-might cause giddiness & getin verbal vomit from your mom*

breakcore / hardcore / grindcore hybrid.
amen blast beats, guitar soundwalls, screaming, cohesive structure, electronic tension and release.

Aaron Spectre started out playing drums in central Massachusetts hardcore bands at age 16. At 19 he moved to New York City and began DJing and producing Jungle, Drum & Bass, and Ambient music. He moved to Berlin at 23, released several sold-out vinyl 12″s, and began touring on the strength of his live sets. Aaron started Drumcorps at 24,
adding live guitar to his sets, as always bringing raw energy and enthusiasm from his hardcore days. He’s since maintained a ferocious tour schedule throughout Europe, North America, and Japan, building a solid fanbase the hard way.





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