June 13, 2021


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OVS2021 Session 5a Harnessing Innovation Global

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Full program: www.oceanvisions.org/summit-2021

Co-chairs: Gwen Nero (Scripps), Millicent Pitts (Ocean Exchange), Miguel Granier (OneFive), Shally Shanker (AiiMs), Ann Carpenter (Braid Theory), Brad Ack (Ocean Visions, Inc.), Alexis Grosskopf & Stéphanie Canac (OceanHub Africa)

Section 5a
It is encouraging to see the amount of science and engineering innovation developing through university and research institutions. Given the great challenges of ocean health, climate disruption, coastal resiliency, sustainable energy/food/materials, and the ocean/human health nexus, how do we accelerate the final development of solutions that can be financed, scaled, and deployed for maximum positive impact? Join Session 5 to learn and be inspired. Our first panel will describe the paths from research to deployment with tips and tools for success. Following will be panel two with entrepreneurs whose solutions have moved from institution to marketplace. Finally, we will bring investors and philanthropists on stage to describe their view of philanthropy and impact/traditional investment scenarios for financing scalable solutions.


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