August 7, 2022

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Oh My Baby Episode 4 | Multi-language Subtitles Full Episode | K-Drama | Jang Na-ra, Ko Jun

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A story about a 39 year old single woman, who has no luck when it comes to men, she now just wants to give birth to a baby of her own. Oh My Baby ( 오 마이 베이비 ) 2020 | Season 1 Episode 4 | Full Episodes with Multi-language subtitles | K-Drama | Jang Na-ra, Ko Jun, Park Byung-eun, Jung Gun-joo

Oh My Baby [ S01 E04 ]

The mom subscribers of “The Baby” starts a boycott at the news of Ha Ri’s illegal sperm incident. The company’s reputation is tarnished and Ha Ri is humiliated in front of all her colleagues. She thought she knew what it would be like to be a mom, but realizes that maybe she didn’t. Ha Ri wanders off the streets after being suspended for a month at work.

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Oh My Baby ( 오 마이 베이비 )
Channel: tvN
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Episodes: 16ep x 60mins
Director: Nam Ki-hoon
Writer: No Sun-jae
Cast: Jang Na-ra, Ko Jun, Park Byung-eun, Jung Gun-joo

Another OCN’s dramatic cinema project, outsiders of different areas gather to investigate unsolved cases that have been isolated by the polices

A police, TV producer, detective,ex-gangster, and an undertaker gather to form a team.

Ratings, incentive,promotion. They all have different purposes, but they all have one same goal –to catch the criminals in any method possible.

The Characters
Jin Kang-ho (Cha Tae-hyun)

Kang-ho is known to solve every case he laid hands on, due to the fact that he’s willing to use any means necessary – however dirty – to catch the criminal.

Kang Moo-young (Lee Sun-bin)

Moo-young is a producer at the broadcasting station. Her programs deal with cases which were left unsolved even by the police.

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