February 29, 2024


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Nat Col and the Kings – "Breakin Out" Clubhouse Rehearsal

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Nat Col and the Kings release the second part of their live and raw sessions – “Breakin Out”

Nathan Cavaleri and Col Hatchman’s newborn “Nat Col and the Kings”, take all primal facets of rock and own it so completely that it feels like they invented the genre – or bloody well should have! Nat Col and the Kings have given us a second peek into “The Clubhouse” rehearsal room with “Breakin Out” after releasing “Kicking and Screaming” earlier this month.

A riff so gut-felt-blues and raw that it’s almost menacing. A punishing skin pounding drum track that displays Col’s personal vendetta against his kit. Everything is on front-foot-attack, but with a relaxed loose surety that makes it fun!

Your ears are in good hands!


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