June 12, 2021


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My Top DCI shows from 1990-1999 PT 4-Which show did I picked for 1993? You may be shocked! NAWHHH!

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1993 was my age out year in the worst venue ever for Drum Corps. Ok maybe Orlando was worse, but they had Disney World!!
Picking this show was a no brainer for me. Having seen this show at a high school stadium for the first I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. At Finals they delivered and it was amazing to see history happen.

Can’t wait for all of you to see it!

Tell me what you thought or who was your favorite from this year!

Special Thanks to the following resources for this video!!
Dr. K – Tech Specialist- www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9LtC1l0qWHZNaqIRn5OCQ
Music- “Cover” by Patrick Patrikios (Youtube Audio Library)
Quit Channel youtu.be/junkSvgYnaw
Green Screen www.youtube.com/user/canosergi
Audio Plus Library- bit.ly/Join-the-family_
Ending Music- Jungle Mood-Peyruis (Audio Library Release)

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10 thoughts on “My Top DCI shows from 1990-1999 PT 4-Which show did I picked for 1993? You may be shocked! NAWHHH!

  1. My favorite show was definitely Phantom Regiment's show "The Modern Imagination ". They were definitely the fan favorite on finals. The crabwalk 360 turn was a cool feature and Fire of Eternal Glory is also amazing. It is just a very fun and innovative show to watch. Star and Cadets were for sure cleaner and deserved first and second place.

  2. Star of Indiana is THE most CONTROLLED show in the history of DCI… It was basically a 12 minute crescendo. Absolutely amazing. You can tell that Carolina Crown can trace their DNA to Star.

  3. It was very much like 1988 Suncoast Sound, in that you either loved it or hated it….no middle ground.

    Quite the 9-year journey from When You Wish Upon a Star to Medea's Dance of Vengeance!!

  4. so lucky, would kill to have seen the show live. it pushed the boundary of the entire medium of drum corps. love the pacing, it draws you in, creates so much intrigue and tension, and when they DO pull out their forte sound it has way more impact because you had to wait for it. it's such an artfully crafted show.

  5. Thank you for posting. I had the privilege of seeing 3 times. Really was the best show of all time imho. No one, NO ONE, plays soft and gorgeous like that anymore.

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