February 25, 2024


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My Story Thus Far: How The Marching Arts Changed My Life

2 min read

This is the story about how music and band has changed my life. Who knows where I would be without all the music programs I’ve been a part of. However, there is one thing that I am sure about: It has made me a better, more positive, and more determined person. Not to mention the happiness that it tends to bring on a day to day basis. It all started in High School and I never want it to stop. The “Marching Arts” are magical. If you have ever gone to a drum corps show and felt the goosebumps that grab you at the end of a show you know the magic that I’m referring to. For me this is the one thing that consistently gives me goosebumps, that gives me that feeling that all is right and nothing else matters, and I believe that is why everybody (who participates in music or does not) feels so connected to music itself. However some do not believe that music is not worth pursuing because it supposedly cannot take you places in life. However, it can take you all across the world. If you work hard enough anything is possible. I made this video because I would really love to continue my participation in music programs. Specifically George Mason Indoor Percussion, and Carolina Crown. I am taking measures to practice and exercise in order to make the lines, but in the end this is really an effort to better myself as an individual. I would love to be able to give back to those in need when I am in a financially stable place. The experience from marching with these groups would help better me as a person as well as prepare me for traveling around and video documenting the DCI and WGI seasons as they go. Thank you so much for watching and here is a link to my gofundme page where any donation is appreciated 🙂


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