November 29, 2021

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LIVING IN THE CACTUS FOREST || For Wild's Sake: The Rare Trout Chronicles | Episode 3

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Join us for episode 3 of For Wild’s Sake: The Rare Trout Chronicles, season 1! A series which explores human beings relationship to the natural world, in hopes of gaining a better understanding of how and why we assign value to wild things and places. In a quest to illustrate rare and threatened species of wild native trout in watercolor, artist Chase Bartee and wife Aimee set off on a multi year, cross country adventure of discovery.

After years of planning, we finally pulled the trigger and moved full time into our 1985 VW camper van, leaving our lives in new England behind, and starting a new chapter of adventure in the American West. Being that the journey started in middle of winter, after reaching our new home state of Montana, we quickly pointed the van south to spend the coldest months of the year exploring the desert southwest. Though the trout were buried beneath a deep blanket of snow, keeping our fly fishing to a minimum, we were completely immersed in the incredible and unfamiliar desert landscape. Though the environment was beautiful, the rugged terrain of the Saguaro, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley National Parks would put our bodies, and more importantly, our vehicle, to the test.

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0:00 Recap
0:50 Intro
01:47 Freezing in Montana
05:07 Arriving in Tuscon
08:57 The State of the Saguaro
14:05 Onwards to California
19:20 Entering Death Valley
22:13 Credits


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