February 6, 2023


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Live Street Carnival Drumming: the BEST BATUCADA (UNREAL!)

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Live Street Carnival Drumming. Incredible street carnival samba drumming from Rio called batucada; This is carnival drumming by the famous Rio street band “Bangalafumenga” samba bands, in one of their official rehearsal.

What we see above is a not typical batucada, which is a gathering of samba drumming percussionists. It is the rehearsal of “samba band” called Bangalafumenga.

Many people not aware of the Carnival culture think that the Brazilan drums are only present at the samba school rehearsals, or Rio and Sao Paulo parades for example. But “batucada” , since the samba drums is the heart of samba and carnival, are present in several occasions: Parades, street carnival groups, pagodes, soccer games, samba beans stew, samba-school rehearsals, and even at weddings. Many people in Brazil play some kind of samba instrument as a hobby too! The Brazilian drums showed at this video, are mainly produced in Brazil, but more and more there are foreign companies producing them too. For those who never listened to the “samba drums”, it is a must. The sound of the Brazilian drums like the surdo, the caixa ( snare drum) , the Brazilian tamborim is simply exquisite. It is amazing!

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The “samba band” that is playing on the video is called Bangalafumenga. They play the “batucada Brasileira” as a warm up for their shows. The samba schools also use this technique before they play the samba drums at the Rio Carnival show. At the Sambadrome, when official carnival starts, the Brazil drums or “bateria” as they call in Portuguese, play about 15 minutes on the warm up area.


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