April 19, 2024


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Life is Better with Music: Episode Thirty Eight “The Show Choir Cup”

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Welcome to Life is Better with Music!

Episode Thirty Eight: Our hosts Gavin Ray and Mitchell Urban watch a random Show Choir show from this year and give their thoughts on it. They talked about the positives of the show and what could be better after touching on it in a rehearsal. They also looked at random competitions that have occurred to see placings and who attended that they might know. They checked in on the Show Choir Cup to see if they can see who is going to be attending but couldn’t find anything.

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Rays Inspiring Productions:
Our mission here at Rays Inspiring Productions is to connect all of the arts and build a community that is welcoming and creative and has a passion for music, art, and dance. We want performers, artists, and writers of all varieties to be able to show off their creativity in any way that is possible whether it’s by picture, video, audio, or written work. Along with this, we want to give back to the organizations that make the arts possible and make it easy for these organizations to grow, promote, and find creative minds that fit their organization’s needs. Vise versa we want to allow all writers, artists, and performers to find an organization that fits them and helps spread their knowledge and passion for the arts to younger minds. Rays Inspiring Productions is a place for all organizations and creative minds to meet, discuss, share, create, and even perform. In doing this we plan to connect all of the arts one step at a time as a community.

Life is Better with Music:
Join our hosts Gavin Ray and Mitchell Urban every week as they discuss the performing arts. Weekly they will look into organizations and see how they are performing at the personal and competitive level. Along with this, they will take a look at the show design/concept and quality of performance. The hosts plan to cover all areas of the performing arts from Marching Band, Drum Corps, Show Choir, Classical Settings, etc. They plan to bring on special guests from these organizations to see their opinions and how they feel about the performing arts. Compositions of our artists here at Rays Inspiring Productions will be featured on every episode along with a discussion. Organizations will also be discussed and featured depending on the topic of the episode. Life is Better with Music has a mission to peak minds with the voices of performers of all varieties and create an environment to freely discuss the performing arts.


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