August 7, 2022

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I Am Jazz's Waking Nightmare: Their Way or the High Weigh

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Jazz Jennings is living through a nightmare reality in which he was groomed and castrated as a minor and is so disabled by the trans rites he underwent that he is unable to move on with his life, go to college, work a real job he earned on his own merits, or form relationships with peers. In this episode, Jazz is forced to confront a former peer with whom he had a romantic engagement, and to see how her life is progressing. She has graduated college and is in a relationship with a woman Jazz finds beautiful. Jazz’s family invited her ex without telling her, to an event that was already a high stress, public exhibition of Jazz in which he was cued to talk about his thoughts about his vaginoplasty. The explicit paradigm for the evening’s events, per Colonel Sander, was “you’ll have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” In either rebellion, an assertion of control, or a manifestation of a developmentally injured hypothalamus-related Prader-Willi like syndrome, Jazz is using and abusing food as a mind-altering substance and coping mechanism, as his health predictably craters in the wake of the long-term child experimentation he was subjected to.


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