July 25, 2021


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History + Highballs: The Lost Colony

1 min read

Speakers: Jeff Whiting, Director and Choreographer, The Lost Colony Production; Sam Davis, Composer, The Lost Colony Production; and Nicholas Mahon, Puppet Designer, The Lost Colony Production

Peek into the creative process of reimagining The Lost Colony with members of the New York creative team. Meet Broadway’s Jeff Whiting, director and choreographer, as he talks about finding ways to ensure the legendary play could connect to a modern-day audience via theatrical storytelling devices and music. Listen to Broadway composer Sam Davis, who took inspiration from the show’s existing music and the time period to create a true symphonic feel that weaves through the entire play, driving home the message of hope. Sam will discuss how music was chosen and shaped to fit into the symphonic drama. And meet puppet designer Nicholas Mahon, who provided a brand-new storytelling device: puppets—they appear to be made from the trees that surround the iconic theater and they come to life, breathing a new theatrical element into a show that has run for 84 years!


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