February 25, 2024


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High Summer Back Garden Tour – My English Garden in Flower – August 2022

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It’s the hottest time of the year – High Summer. I show you round my back garden to see what is in flower and how the plants are. The plant names are displayed on the screen.
My English Garden is near the coast in North West England, 1/3 of an acre (including the house) Zone 9a with sandy soil.

The garden feed and equipment I use:
Bone Meal amzn.to/2QlmJKE
Espoma Rose-Tone amzn.to/3lQFiST
Espoma Bio-Tone amzn.to/3cowsZr
Ryobi Cordless Jet Fan Blower amzn.to/3jChu2f
Ryobi String Trimmer amzn.to/3kErXLZ
Ryobi 22 Cordless Hedge Trimmer amzn.to/37QNoFT
Compost Bin amzn.to/35F6snT

► Amazon.co.uk GREAT BRITAIN
John Innes No3 compost amzn.to/32nNqBv
Bone meal amzn.to/3t6DDLe
Farmyard Manure amzn.to/2Pw4DoO
Chicken pellets amzn.to/3vetOgc
General fertiliser amzn.to/3ce5DFO
Ryobi Cordless Hedge Trimmer amzn.to/2HNtaCv
Ryobi Cordless trimmer amzn.to/3oA43Ud
Ryobi Jet Blower (Body Only) amzn.to/3e8929O
Ryobi Lithium Plus Battery & Charger amzn.to/2G8vIKy
3rd party batteries for Ryobi amzn.to/35KlGrN
This is the Garden Shredder I use as it suits the size of stems and branches I have the most. Each shredder is capable of different sizes. amzn.to/2TGWsot
Pruning shears amzn.to/3mwASiV
Secateurs amzn.to/2JgSZLE
Compost bin I use for leafmould amzn.to/3kDRLaT

Photographic Gear I use to make these videos
Main camera amzn.to/3e56Zn9
Video tripod amzn.to/3oHkGxw
GoPro HERO 9 black amzn.to/3kEynuF
GoPro HERO 7 black amzn.to/2Hya8A4
GoPro 3-way grip, arm amzn.to/3mCiYvr
Gimbal amzn.to/3oySe0p
My favorite memory card for GoPro microSDXC 4K amzn.to/32aighh
USB adaptor for microSDXC amzn.to/3oEpK5p
My favorite SDXC memory card for 4K amzn.to/31Tn2iM
Wireless microphone amzn.to/34zTjNI
Shotgun microphone amzn.to/35IL2X8
Shotgun mic for ambient sounds/birds singing amzn.to/3ebp8iX
Audio Recorder amzn.to/2G9a0Gh
Lavalier Mic amzn.to/2G7ZTl1
Power Bank for power on the move amzn.to/3jG0cRZ
External hard drive for backup and storage (I have 4 of these) amzn.to/35LMUhS

► Amazon.co.uk GREAT BRITAIN
Main camera amzn.to/35KQZCJ
Video tripod amzn.to/37Zx9X4
GoPro HERO 9 black amzn.to/37Os4kx
GoPro HERO 7 black amzn.to/3jAAJtb
GoPro 3-way mount with tripod amzn.to/2HK4quR
Hero 7 black battery charger amzn.to/2G8d99i
Gimbal amzn.to/2G8qM8u
My favourite memory card for GoPro microSDXC 4K amzn.to/2Ja7rF2
USB adaptor for microSDXC amzn.to/37SAY0b
My favourite SDXC memory card for 4K amzn.to/3oyB8QB
Wireless microphone amzn.to/37RUGsY
Shotgun microphone amzn.to/35Zo5zd
Shotgun mic for ambient sounds/birds singing amzn.to/3jB48Dn
Audio Recorder amzn.to/3oC4AVz
Lavalier Mic amzn.to/3kKHZUM
Pop filter for voiceover amzn.to/3e5dfuQ
Power bank for power on the move amzn.to/3kDlykg
External hard drive for back up and storage (I have 4 of these) amzn.to/2HHVypa
Note: links below to Amazon are affiliate, which means I may get a small fee if you buy, but it won’t affect the price you pay and I really appreciate your support. (Specification may be slightly different between the US and UK products)
All footage and sound recorded in the garden by me.
All imagery, video and images copyright © Paul T’s World
All rights reserved
Necessary stuff:
You are not permitted to copy, download, show, adapt or change in any way the content of this video for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission from Paul T’s World.
Please contact me should you wish to license any stills or footage.


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