June 13, 2021


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Getting out of the barracks as a single soldier in the Army

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Don’t want to live in the barracks as a single soldier in the Army? There are ways to get out of the barracks to live off base. Let me explain your options.

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**Disclaimer: I make videos on topics i have direct experience with as well as indirect experience with to help save some people the time to have to research the topic on their own. Be aware mistakes can be made as well as changes can be made by the Army. Its best to use my content as a reference but if needed you should always talk with an Army recruiter for more information on a topic. **


28 thoughts on “Getting out of the barracks as a single soldier in the Army

  1. Also consider, some of the affordable apartments /houses to rent may be in sketchy neigborhoods . . . . in hindsight, the duplex I rented at in killeen (Ft Hood) 1996 was in a Ghetto 🙁 & I heard some Horror stories about 1989-90 when soldiers deployed for Gulf War-1, some soldiers that lived off base, their Apt's got broken into & robbed 🙁

  2. Also, living off base is easier overseas, just find a little inexpensive Hooch apartment 🙂 – but as Chris said, you still have to make it to work /duty on time . . . . * * * Also, when your friends /battle buddies live off base (Don't) pound on their door while yelling, "Open Up, C.I.D ! ! ! "

  3. ? ? ? Has anybody mentioned that probably up until the 1950's, soldiers lived in 20 man open bay barracks, with communal showers & latrines ? ? ? 🙂

  4. Shipping off in July. I have ocd and have to keep shit clean, I swear if I get a shi bag roommate I’m gonna be so pissed

  5. Is there a such thing of on-post housing that is similar to an apartment complex? Living on your own, but still on post? If so, what is required to obtain one of those?


  7. Im interested in considering the army as a career path but I don't really like the idea of living in the barracks and having to wait so long to rank up. So what does one need a bachelor's degree in exactly to be am Officer when u enlist.

  8. Your in a dorm setting with privacy so why would you want to move out. It's not like back in the day stuck in a big room with bunk beds like you see at basic and on movies.. ?

  9. My roomate(half the unit) was deployed to Kosovo for 6 months. He stored all of his stuff in his wall locker and put one of those metal bands in the locking mechanisms. I got to have my own room for a little while.

  10. E4 or lower? DON'T EVER get married. Stay in the barracks even as an E5.
    E6 and above (from my experience) was Vietnam era dudes and that was rare/weird, but they had their own rooms. I somehow managed a single room in my billet.

  11. Question Tommrow I meet my recruiter and I’m thinking about 12w do they see combat a lot or can you explain it to me cause I really don’t wanna see combat but I love building ?

  12. back in my day (06-2010) in Korea I got promoted to SPC 1 month after i got to unit, and actually when i was chckin in someone got article 15 and moved out of his room, so our 1stsgt let me have his room, and since i was prior service he said he didnt see a reason to have a roomate. so Korea 1 year own room… then in October we moved into the brand new high rise hotel style barracks only for 2 months.

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