February 25, 2024


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Friendship is Magic – Drum Corps Arrangement – MVT 1-4 / 4

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This was a Drum Corps show I finished in early 2012, featuring music from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This show only features songs from season 1 and one song from season 2. Season 2 wasn’t finished airing by the time the show was mostly complete.

MVT 1 – Opener – 0:00
MVT 2 – Art of the Dress – 1:07
MVT 3 – So Many Wonders… – 2:33
MVT 4 – At the Gala – 5:41

Solo instrumentation timestamps coming soon

This show sat in my archives for a while and was never uploaded. I liked how it came out, so I figure I would share. I haven’t kept up with fandoms in some time, but please feel free to share with your brony pals.


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