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Flush Handle Replacement

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Flush Handle Replacement = youtu.be/DVgzvqUR7q8?hd=1
Flush Handle Part Overview = youtu.be/D4Hnl6N8-mQ?hd=1
To view the Flush Handle Replacement Playlist = www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C678A6E939029966

Flush Handle


The flush handle is located on the top left hand side of the toilet’s tank and is actuated to flush the toilet. Flush handles often have a long life span though the nuts that secure them in place may become loose and separated over time. In extreme circumstances the lever can become corroded and fall apart. It is easy to see when the flush handle is broken given that the handle stops functioning properly not allowing the toilet to flush.

Parts Needed

To replace the flush handle a new kit can be purchased at a local hardware or plumbing supply store. These handles can be either brass or plastic. The handle kit should come with the flush handle, tank lever, and tank lever nut.

Tools Needed

The tool needed to replace the flush handle is an adjustable open-end wrench.

Making the Repair

In order to replace the toilet’s flush handle first remove the toilet’s tank lid. Disconnect the flapper valve chain from the flush handle and hook it to the toilet’s overflow tube located in the center of the toilet. Take an adjustable open-end wrench and unscrew the tank lever nut. The lever nut is reverse threaded so that it does not become loose with daily use. Once the nut is loose enough it should be able to be unscrew the rest of the way by hand. Remove the lever nut from the flush handle, and in-turn remove the handle from the tank of the toilet.

Notice that the new handle’s shank is cut in-such a way as to seat properly in the toilet’s tank. Install the handle by sliding the lever of the handle into the tank hole and aligning the bolt to correctly fit. Slide the new tank lever nut down the lever and screw it into the handle’s shank. Remember that the nut is reverse threaded. Once the nut is snug take an adjustable open-end wrench and tighten the nut a little over hand tight. Next take the flapper chain that is hanging from the overflow tube and reattach it to the toilet’s flush lever at the hole that provides the best lift over the flapper valve.

Fill and flush the toilet ensuring that the toilet is working properly. Once everything is in good working order replace the toilet’s tank lid and the task is complete.


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