June 13, 2021


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Failing Online Class – Drumline Style

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Intro Cadence – “False Hype” by EMC
Background Cadence – “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
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24 thoughts on “Failing Online Class – Drumline Style

  1. I am going to be starting on tenor here shortly coming from a bass drum. I know basically nothing about them and I will be alone as we are a small school and have only one set of tenors. Can I get some advice on where to start? I played snare for a few years if that helps

  2. You can see that it's just a bunch of random letters so I don't know how high of a grade you would get but cool editing trick though. You should definitely change that alarm time. Imagine if autocorrect made it into an essay with words that made sense, that would be awesome!

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