April 19, 2024


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Experience drift ice sightseeing on an icebreaker operated during the winter | Gourmet Bus Tour

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Experience aboard the newly built icebreaker “GARINKO III IMERU”! Cruising through the ice floes while charting a course through the ice floes
This plan includes a round-trip bus from Sapporo to Mombetsu and Okhotsk to see the drift ice with great power aboard the newly-built ship “Garinko III IMERU”, which debuted on January 9, 2021.
This is a special plan only available on the departure date of this season!
The icebreaker Garinko-go III IMERU is a sightseeing ship with a gross tonnage of 370 tons and a capacity of 235 passengers, designed for drift ice sightseeing.
The ship is equipped with air-conditioned cabins, vending machines, and stores, making it a comfortable icebreaker for cruising on drift ice.
The Garinko is a drift icebreaker that offers a variety of attractions.
The sea ice breaker Garinko is the best way to enjoy the sea ice in Japan’s northernmost area, Okhotsk, as it cruises through the mysterious sight of drift ice.
Forget about the cold and the time, and enjoy the unknown experience of being swept away by the excitement of the ice!

Seafood Robata Yaki at Marukaichi Suisan
Enjoy half a hokke, a button shrimp, a scallop, a blue crab leg, two rice balls and crab soup, all representative seafood of the Sea of Okhotsk.
You can grill and eat the fresh seafood by yourself.
You can also enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Marukaiichi Fisheries factory, which you cannot usually experience.
The best part of Robata-yaki is that you can grill it to your own liking, and the restaurant staff will give you advice on how much to cook, so please try it!
After your meal, please enjoy shopping!
The best part is that you can enjoy shopping after your meal! Please enjoy shopping after the meal!
We will prepare half a hokke and a shrimp.

0:00 Opening
3:27 Rest stop Shopping at Roadside Station “Taki no Kami
6:06 Lunch Eat Robata-yaki Kaisen. Crab, scallop, shrimp, hokke
10:18 Drift ice cruise ship “Garinko” icebreaker
18:44 Crab claw sculpture
19:03 Freshly fried fish cake

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