June 12, 2021


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Drum Teacher Reacts to ExpertVillage Drum Lesson Fails – Episode 30

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#KeepPracticingUntilItsEasy #regaltip

Steve’s analysis, initial reactions and hot takes of ExpertVillage drum lesson fail.

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38 thoughts on “Drum Teacher Reacts to ExpertVillage Drum Lesson Fails – Episode 30

  1. I feel like that "hero" guy is messing with us. He kind of reminds me of this guy Craig Billmeier who was Air Guitar champion for a few years and drummer for a band I knew a long time ago called Your Mother. I feel like this could be him and something he would totally do. If not, check him out anyway.

  2. Sorry for the multiple comments but I mentioned Air Guitar in my last one and I know you don't have time to watch movies but I have to recommend a movie called The Adventures of Power. It's a movie about air drumming. Not a cheesy documentary, but a full-on scripted motion picture. It has a few recognizable actors in it and it's fucking ridiculous and awesome. Rush: Tom Sawyer trigger warning. www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3TFC4yjquY

  3. Oh you really have it in for that guy, I get with his stuff why. I don't always put the back skin on my kick drum or toms, other times they are locked on and tuned right up. My first teacher was a brute in his methods of teaching although he was aware I had a short fuse back then so he didn't push it. He was a pro' though from a sixties Liverpool band that were big time.
    Note to guy trying to get laid for playing Jazz drums, don't tell her let her see you play them so you're not bragging, THEN bring it on home bubba! Personally i'm there to play drums and that's it. Besides, if a girl wants to do me it doesn't mean i want to go there, as a man who's not lead by his "johnson" I think you yanks call it. Here it's cock or dick. Stoner guy is my favourite though….his eyes even look baked as he's doing it.

  4. Came for Slipknot, stayed for that accent. I don't even play drums, though I tried and my teacher made me hate lessons, but I've already watched all your videos and now want to give it another shot.

  5. JMO as a drummer. If you ever go to a teacher and they tell you the way to do a roll is by doing a buzz roll, get a different teacher. Buzz rolls are only useful on a snare because there’s not enough bounce on a tom to do one, it’s also awkward to try and transition them one drum to the next. Learn finger control and do them the big boy way of Sticking. Every. Note.

  6. I just find it interesting that you have any criticism considering how elementary your 5000 sub “solo” was.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
    Sounded like a 1 year drummer in the music store bashing sets he will never own.

  7. You dont want people to know who you are while playing in a band on video? That makes me think people wouldn't recognize you while playing in your band…which makes me think you have your face covered up with something….
    You're the drummer for GWAR aren't you?!?!?! 🤣

  8. Great video but I feel like I have to chime in here in defence of the bass drum pillow! I personally love the short, spiky sound that the pillow gives the bass drum, particularly for rock and pop. When mic-ed up, I love that sound because I can hear all the articulation. Also I like the feeling of playing against a solid surface when the pillow is pressed against the head – I feel like my bass drum playing is at its cleanest when I'm muffling the drum this way. For big band jazz I can move the pillow to the center of the drum so it's not touching either head and for me that's enough resonance. And for smaller ensemble jazz I use a smaller bass drum with minimal muffling. Two players who use pillows are Todd Sucherman and Gavin Harrison and I love the bass drum sounds they get.

  9. I'm a guitar player, and the only cats in my opinion in these videos that had it going on, was the drumline dude, the old cat singing Willie Nelson, and the street drummer. They know what's up.

  10. Should you bring in more arms as you get faster? And should you really never dampen the inside of the bass drum unless you are in the studio? You can certainly go for a sound live and in your practice room too. My method is using a batter head that dampens the head nicely without anything in the drum. But some people like a thuddy sound with a low tuning for more attack than tone. That's a personal preference for sound and the style you play.

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