May 11, 2021

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Drum Corps, Music, and The Marching Arts | Adam Zapf

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Hi everyone! My name is Adam Zapf. I’m 18 years old and from St. Louis, Missouri, and I currently live in Orlando, Florida. I am a third year participant of the activity known as Drum Corps International, and I have been in the organizations Spirit of Atlanta, The Cavaliers, and currently The Blue Devils, where I plan to stay the next 5 years. I’ve been playing Trumpet for about 3 years now, so roughly when I first got involved in the activity. I hold a deep passion for music education, along with Trumpet playing, and I hope to pursue that in my future career. Outside of that, I love rock climbing, going to Disney, and going on nice road trips! My future goal is to become a trumpet player for the Walt Disney Company, along with directing my own high school marching band.
Involving myself in this activity was at first a hobby, and I came into it for the experience, but through that time, I developed a form of a talent with my trumpet playing, and I’m hoping to make it into a career.

I want to share to the world the activity that is known as Drum Corps International, and with that, I want to share to the world how this organization can help musicians and young performers across the world develop their portfolio, and help those pursuing a field in the performing arts by giving them a professional experience, along with helping them build connections with people all across the world.

0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – What is Drum Corps International?
1:34 – Where have you marched?
2:18 – Are there similarities/differences between corps?
3:00 – What is an example of contrast between corps?
4:54 – What was your first Drum Corps experience?
7:21 – What is your favorite thing about Drum Corps?
10:12 – What is your favorite Drum Corps memory?
12:10 – What is the hardest thing about Drum Corps?
15:44 – What is a typical day like on tour?
18:02 – How many fans attend live shows?
19:46 – How do you prepare? – Any tips?
23:07 – What instrument(s) do you play?
31:02 – How did it feel to get cut – any advice?
36:01 – How does your music motivation apply to everyday life?
39:24 – Are you satisfied?
44:02 – What do you do for fun?
46:13 – What three words best describe you?
46:48 – What is your biggest skill?
49:10 – What is your biggest weakness?
50:53 – What are your long-term career goals?
52:53 – What inspires you?
57:14 – Who do you look up to in the activity?
59:59 – How is high school marching different from DCI?
1:04:19 – How has DCI been impacted by COVID-19?
1:08:00 – What are some possible benefits from a gap year?
1:09:38 – What would you compare Drum Corps to?
1:11:50 – Any advice for those in financial need to march?
1:16:15 – What else do you want to share?
1:18:59 – Where can people find out more about you?
1:19:34 – Outro

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