May 13, 2021

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Do Military Bands Get Deployed? Q+A with a Military Musician

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44 thoughts on “Do Military Bands Get Deployed? Q+A with a Military Musician

  1. Bruh I been trying to learn tenor drums and I literally can’t find anything I was practicing at school and was just starting to learn but then the virus came so I’m at home and I can’t practice anymore because I don’t know what to do so do U have any things I should do to practice

  2. Hey EMC! I had a question about being in military drum lines. If I wanted to be in the Navy (and I know they have a drumline) would I be able to participate once I enlist or is the Navy drumline only for the Navy Academy.

  3. Hey, thanks for
    answering my question about women in the Commandant's
    Own! Does Linda Santamarimba count? And my 2nd question ( that you did not answer) — who are the judges for the CO tryouts? And here's a new one — how often do you replace members of the CO?

  4. Lets say you graduate Highschool and have the option of joining the military or going to college (both for music related things). Where would you recommend going first?

  5. The military bands still went through boot camp so yes they still are part of are military and they still are promoted in there ranks over time just for different reasons

    BBC is my favorite here 🤣

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