May 13, 2021

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50 thoughts on “DCI Top 50 Shows by Score As of 2017

  1. This just shows how completely overrated a lot of Blue Devils shows are. A lot of park and bark and no creative drill. The one show of theirs I do love is Winged Victory.

  2. Interestingly enough, when you typed "We all know what number 1 is…", I actually didn't know. Not nearly as memorable a show as the previous 7 shows. They got points for pushing the props and dance ideas to the penultimate point that it's at now. They didn't do a better show… they just marching even less than a normal BD performance. Meh.

  3. Let's be honest. Drum Corps pretty much died around '02-'03. (some will say much earlier than that….) What we have today is the 90's mantra "let's bring over all the band kids" result. Nothing against their talents, it's just not Drum Corps.

  4. The Cadets were absolutely incredible and I hope they can return to the top eventually. It's going to take truly showcasing the skills of these young people.

  5. It’s truly a shame this incredible list is incomplete and lacking one the best shows to unfortunately fall just short. Please update this list to include The Phantom Regiment 1989 show that scored 98.4, which (at the time) tied the previous best score until Santa Clara won with 98.8.

    Thank you!

  6. I didn't see the show i've been looking for since the 80's. Not sure who it was but the 1 song I remember was the Star Wars Throne Room and the Corp was in black uniforms, in a circle and marched outwards on starting the song. Anyone know it? Maybe it was that PR '89 one mentioned…

  7. Sorry new head speaking.. but the last 4 years has had the best shows… Ink, Downside Up, Metamorph, and Santa Clara 2018 have all been my favorite shows not only Percussion wise but the design and creativity of these shows were very compelling and really pushed the boundaries that much more

  8. I love watching the bands march and love the that there are less distractions without the field props (in many of these performances). I am not against props, however I do fell they can take away/distract from the excellent marching in some cases. 😁 Thanks for sharing this a awesome DCI compilation. 💓💓

  9. There is no tick system era corps, when you actually had to practice over and over and not just rehearse and marching had to be instep and precision was required and electronics weren't mandated. This is a totally stupid video that ignores over 50 years of drum corps yet states "all Time."

  10. Probably needed to apply a formula to account for scores shooting up by five to ten points in 1984 after the tick system was abandoned. (First place went from 94.40 to 98.00. Twelfth place went from 73.75 to 83.20.) It's not like every corps became that much better in one year.

  11. Should have included 2002 Magic of Orlando — 99.05 (Div II Champs) … first score EVER IN EXCESS OF 99, from a corps FORCED by DCI to compete in Div II when they CLEARLY belonged in Div I … DEFINED “scorched earth” …

    “Oh, so we HAVE TO compete in Div II because we took 2001 off ?!? … OK .. WATCH THIS!!!!!”

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