June 12, 2021


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DCI Rules Proposals 2020

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A review of the Proposed rule changes for DCI consideration in 2020. Any instrument!?!

The full proposal is available at online.pubhtml5.com/xada/ujjx/
Or see an overview on DCI’s website


3 thoughts on “DCI Rules Proposals 2020

  1. DCI is already far from being a "Drum and Bugle Corps". They use Bb instruments that AREN'T bugles, there's tons of electronics, solos on totally non-traditional instruments, like trombones, violins, and even vocals. What DCI REALLY is now is the center of everything in marching arts from teen through adulthood. To me, something about DCI, from the show writing to the actual performers, just feels very mature and impactful compared to its equivalents, and if it takes slashing off the Drum and Bugle title to capitalize on the artistic expansion of the medium, that is perfectly okay to me.

  2. I've seen and participated in this activity from when it was affiliated with the American Legion and VFW. I marched in the first DCI finals at Whitewater, Wisconsin. To this day I make it a point to attend the finals in Indianapolis every year. I'm now losing interest for a number of
    reasons. The first being that I cannot relate to any of the music being played on the field. There is not one tune that I recognize. It seems that every corps is in competition with each other to find the most obscure music found in the basements of the Julliard and Eastman School of Music's library that no one has ever heard of. Second as a snare drummer, rudiments have been taken over by flams, taps and rolls. Yes the tuned bass and pits amaze me as do the quads. I am amazed how the entire percussion family of instruments are scored and presented on the field. I'm sorry string and woodwind instruments have no place on the drum corps field. If these instruments are incorporated, drum corps is no longer drum corps. What is finally persuading me to sell my tickets this year on stub-hub is the absence of corps identification by uniforms. After a few seconds I don't even know what corps I'm watching unless I look for their name on the Jumbotron. The only aspect of drum corps that prompts my return to Indianapolis every year is the sound of a brass symphony orchestra that is on par with the likes of Boston, Chicago and Cleveland. I'm still waiting for that one corps that can give me goosebumps as they did 30 years ago. The thrill is no longer there. Loosing individual corps identification by abolishing uniforms in favor of costumes was a huge mistake. Allowing string & woodwind instruments will destroy drum corps what's left of it.

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