August 7, 2022

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DCI: Masters of the Summer Music Games 2022 (Highlights)

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I know the camera is shaky, as I was recording with my phone and I was also very excited. I also know I didn’t record a lot of clips, as I wanted to enjoy the shows with my phone not in front of me. So bear with me, and I hope you enjoy this compilation of my clips from the show!

HUGE thank you to Intermission Drum and Bugle Corps for allowing me to use their show schedule for the beginning of this video. Go follow them on Instagram here:
And follow this link for all of their other Media and merch:


Intro/Rain Delay – 0:00

Music City – 0:36

Blue Knights – 2:06

Rain Delay #2 – 4:16

Cavaliers (Warmup) – 4:30

Blue Stars – 8:27

Santa Clara Vanguard – 12:03

Bluecoats – 16:23

Carolina Crown – 19:24

Boston Crusaders – 21:31

Blue Devils – 23:28

Bonus: One Day of Work – 28:13

Thank you so much for watching!


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