May 11, 2021

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DCI 2020 Recap – What's next for Drum Corps? | First Rep Ep. 1

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Welcome to the debut episode of First Rep, a show covering news, highlights and analysis for the marching community.
This episode recaps some of the cool things the marching community saw in 2020 as the pandemic overhauled what we once knew as a “normal” drum corps season. We also sat down with Shaun Gallant, CEO of The Blue Devils for an exclusive interview to find out about their decision not to go to Indianapolis and what they have planned for 2021 and beyond.

0:00 Intro
0:47 2020 Recap
0:57 Blue Devils Hackfest
1:33 PAS Fundamental Fridays
2:08 Marching Vlogs Drumline
2:39 PASIC Goes Virtual
2:45 The Cavaliers: Zero to Sixty
3:16 Bluecoats Symposium
4:21 Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps
4:46 Community Influencers
6:02 DCI Plans: 2021
7:40 Shaun Gallant Interview
13:55 Final Discussion
16:27 Links for More Information

Nicole Casino
Casey Brohard
Suvin Varghese

Filmed & Edited by: Connor Yasuda
Directed By: Dave Natal & Connor Yasuda
Produced By: Nicole Casino & Dave Natal

Blue Devils:
Percussive Arts Society:
Marching Vlogs:
The Cavaliers:
Virtual Arts, Inc.:
Sean Parra:

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  1. Hell yeah this platform is great! Great balance of opinions, news, images and videos. If you guys can keep up the great video/audio quality and consistency offer interesting news and interviews, this channel could be a great resource for the marching arts!

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