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Changing of The Guard Copenhagen (With Concert) – Saturday 7th January 2023

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Den Kongelige Livgardes Musikkorps and Tambourkorps, The Band of the Royal Life Guards and Corps of Drums supporting the ceremony of Changing the Guard in Copenhagen on Saturday 7th January 2023.
The ceremony takes place with full musical support daily (other than on Fridays) between December and April when Her Majesty Queen of Denmark resides in Amalienborg Palace no matter what the weather is. Luckily the rain was lighter during the main changeover which allowed for the band to perform their concert of three pieces of music.
Please see below the timestamps for highlights from the ceremony:
00:00 The parade leaves Gothersgade 100 Barracks in front of Rosenborg Castle and marches through Copenhagen City Centre
13:14 Entering Amalienborg Palace
15:15 The Advance Forward (with a very good trombone counter melody)
15:43 Marching on the colour
16:16 The Changing of the Guard
17:31 The Palace Concert
22:04 Marching around Amalienborg Palace
24:25 The 2nd advance forward to Her Majesty’s Palace
24:52 Marching out of the palace square and to barracks
26:48 The return march through Copenhagen City to Gothersgae 100 Barracks

The band was under the direction of their Musical Director Michael Aaberg Thomsen. The parade features music alternating between the Musikkorps and Tambourkorps, where each march by the Musikorps is repeated when they play.

To find out more about the band please follow them on social media and also listen to their excellent recordings of military music on both Spotify and Apple Music :

It has been a pleasure visiting Copenhagen documenting the work of the Royal Danish Life Guards. There will be two further videos of other changing of the guard ceremonies from this trip to be published in due course and many photographs on our Instagram Page. Thank you to the band for their hospitality during my visit!

Interesting, unique points to note:
The Bass Drummer holding music for the cymbal player to follow whilst on the march

The head dress is called a bearskin and is actually flat on top and built around a silver helmet, hence the peak and this is where the head dress evolved from

The band uses no Saxophones and instead two Bb Baritone Horns carrying the tenor lines

The Tuba’s played are Concert F and C tubas with one placed behind the percussion to provide the melody lines with a pulse and bass line.

Both Flute and Piccolo is played on the march

The Band of the Royal Life Guards are the only professional Danish Wind Orchestra and are the official musicians of the Royal Danish Household.
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