May 13, 2021

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Carolina Crown Brass 2012 – Avon Rehearsal

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50 thoughts on “Carolina Crown Brass 2012 – Avon Rehearsal

  1. IU is was out of session, so much of the surrounding student housing near IU memorial was empty. Also, with the acutual field at the stadium is below street level. The stadium holds sound pretty well.

    There is also an unsderstanding with the IU and Bloomington police about drum corps rehearsing at the Stadium..that whole bill cooke thing..

  2. I swear, that instant initiation of sound from the entire hornline is stellar, along with the fact that the overtones lock in immediately. It really is astounding what a group dedicated towards a common goal can do within a summer.

  3. the amazing thing about this is… that since seeing Crown in 2013 and watching so many videos of their rehearsals, warmups, and performances – they sound much dirtier in this video. The last two show segments they play still sound amazing – but the difficult runs they are rehearsing in the early parts sound MUCH dirtier when compared to what they achieved with E=MC2.

  4. Love it!   Watching and listening to these rehearsals is almost as enjoyable as the live performances.  i just get shaky in the knees when I hear the harmony and precision.

  5. Oh my god, I almost thought this was Avon. I had to read the title again. However, Avon high school hornline is amazing and I would have been easily fooled. I met Carolina Crown back in high school and they're so amazing! Love you Crown!

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