October 4, 2023


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Best 2008 DCI Moments

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I will cut an HD-extended version of this video when it reaches 750,000 views!

Best moments of 2008 Drum Corps International.

Corps in appearance:

-Bluecoats – The Knockout
-Carolina Crown – FINIS
-Blue Knights – Knight Reign
-The Cavaliers – Samurai
-Boston Crusaders – NEOCOSMOS
-Glassmen – Kar-ne-vel
-Blue Stars – Le Tour… Every Second Counts
-Madison Scouts – La Noche De La Iguana
-Santa Clara Vanguard – 3hree Body-Mind-Soul
-The Cadets – …and the pursuit of happiness
-Blue Devils – Constantly Risking Absurdity
-Phantom Regiment – SPARTACUS

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