June 13, 2021


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Actual DCI Judge Reacts to Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps

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Professional drum corps judge, Mike Leitzke, made a virtual drum tape for our 2020 production, WE!

Programming by Bryan Harmsen
Music Design by Ben Pyles, Andy Filipiak, and Michael J. Miller
Guard Design by Heather Graham

Watch the original version here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ALAqbTlxP8

Virtual Arts is proud to present Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps! Please enjoy our 2020 production of WE. It is the before, the now, the after. We started together, we were separated, and we will come back together. WE is a journey from an idyllic, naive past to a state of turmoil and unrest, to hope on the horizon. We were. We are. We will be.

This is the inaugural season for Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps. 2300+ pledged to be part of this production and help us bring it to life. VDBC is comprised of people from 11 countries. Want to be part of our next show? Visit our website! www.virtualartsinc.org/join

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16 thoughts on “Actual DCI Judge Reacts to Virtual Drum & Bugle Corps

  1. I like how it followed the same Mike Leitzke tape format. Some of the same words and phrases with the same voice inflections! 😅 Thank you for all that you do man! I know I always appreciate and look forward to your tapes. They are always told with intrigue and passion. To me, yours always stand out in a positive way. Every single tape I've heard is put in with a great effort! As it should! Some don't last the day with the same intent like you do! You are a true light to the marching arts! Thank you!

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