June 13, 2021


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8th June 2021 | The Hindu Newspaper Analysis | Current Affairs | UPSC CSE | Saurabh Pandey

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8th June 2021 – The Hindu Newspaper Analysis in Hindi (UPSC/IAS). The Hindu Daily Current Affairs and Newspaper Analysis covering important articles and editorials in the required depth mainly for UPSC/IAS Exams Preparation and General Studies for all competitive examinations. In this video lecture, Saurabh Pandey brings you the Hindu News Analysis. The aspirants are advised to watch the entire video lecture for better understanding.

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46 thoughts on “8th June 2021 | The Hindu Newspaper Analysis | Current Affairs | UPSC CSE | Saurabh Pandey

  1. आप वीडियो में आ… अ… आ…. मत करा करो सर इससे बहुत दिक्कत होती है समझने में

  2. Q1:- C all correct.
    Sunderban is under Ramsar site(1992).
    Great Eurasian Partnership is initiative of China and Russia to expand their powerand influence in Europe+ Asia, through utilizing the vision of Eurasian economy union sponsored by Russia and china’s one Belt road initiative.
    Sir the initiative of centralised procurement of vaccine of 75% will definitely help in ensuring “every one’s vaccination campaigning” and there should be cap on selling price of vaccine also for private hospitals.
    But what currently we can observe that there is lack of coordinations and cooperation between centre and state, ideological difference among them. Interestingly both are lacking to focus on ongoing crisis. For example- when centre announced, states have to buy the vaccine from their end, centre offered 2 set of price, on other hand states started to generating revenue by charging 2-3 time more cost from public.like- Punjab, UP.
    So What we can say, just because of political interest, the publics are suffering! Over all it will affect the governance system and disturb the socio-economic development.

  3. Q- Sundarban was declared a Ramsar site in which year?
    Ans- The part of the Sundarban delta, which lies in Bangladesh, was accorded the status of a Ramsar site in 1992, and with Indian Sundarban getting it too, international cooperation between the two countries for the protection of this unique ecosystem will increase.

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