March 29, 2023

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2023 DCI March Madness

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How about a little March Madness?

I seeded every corps by their average score and pinned them against each other for your enjoyment! Watch for upsets and unlikely victors!
This is the offseason content we need…is it June yet?!

How did you choose the corps?
I took the last two competitive seasons (2019 & 2022) which has 36 corps. BracketHQ, the site I used to create the bracket in the video, only allows 32 seeds before it starts costing money. I removed 4 corps who did not have at least 10 years of scores on the DCXMuseum site.

I gathered the corps’ final scores from each year and averaged them.
Whoever had the highest average final score throughout their active years, received the highest seeding. For Open Class Corps, if they competed in quarters or semis against World Class corps, I used those scores. If not, I used their final open class scores. All scores are sourced from DCXMuseum’s repertoire tab and scores tab. If you have any additional questions, leave a comment and I will go into additional details.

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