June 12, 2021


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2018 Bluecoats set out to take musical and visual risks

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The Bluecoats are several weeks into their spring training rehearsals at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, with just days to go before the 2018 DCI Tour kicks off in Detroit.

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29 thoughts on “2018 Bluecoats set out to take musical and visual risks

  1. The movement in this year's Blue coats show goes beyond simple choreography. The movement seems to spring forth from inside the jazz musician's soul. It's breathtaking. The movement in the solo singer, the movement of the characters in the hornline and drumline, the berets, the personalized costume pieces, the physical character work is utterly convincing. The movement springs forth from the X area of the jazz artist. This choreography augments the character work, and gives it momentum. It doesn't look like memorized choreography, it appears spontaneous. It's stunning.

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