May 13, 2021

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50 thoughts on “2008 Phantom Regiment Spartacus

  1. Back when corps were able to tell a meaningful story super effectively without needing a shit ton of field props.

    Don't get me wrong, the skill of the performers hasn't changed, they're still all incredibly talented. But show design has become too inflated with gimmicks. This show and a lot of other late 2000s shows were able to give you a clear narrative without needing a bunch of fluff.

  2. Will go down as one of the best shows in DCI history! Just amazed at the creativity and they are 21 and under!!! Great job Phantom, man y'all put on a SHOW and this will never be forgotten.

  3. It's an awesome show that took lots of talent and work to achieve to succeed. It definitely deserved first place! (kind of biased since one of my marching band directors marched this show.)

  4. I marched back in the 60's, and I still consider this the DCI all time masterpiece!!! BD have been on a hell of a run, but they have yet to approach the level of Spartacus.

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